Financial advice for singles

Since they usually have fewer financial responsibilities, singles have a greater opportunity to save for a future family, advanced career training, or long-term financial security (retirement). Singles are also able to share their time (volunteering), talents (teaching others skills/knowledge they possess), and treasures (financial donations) to address local and global concerns related to education, hunger, safe water, health care, job training, and other social issues. Single people, as well as others, may take advantage of free community events, doing volunteer work, and using barter/exchange platforms to share recreational facilities, events, and experiences.

For additional information on financial advice for single, click here:

Teaching Suggestions

  • Have students talk with others who are involved in addressing various social concerns through volunteering and other community service activities.
  • Have students survey several people to determine various actions that might be considered for achieving financial goals.

Discussion Questions 

  1. How does your life situation affect your financial responsibilities and spending?
  2. What short-term and long-term financial goals are you planning for at this point in your life?

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