Telling Your Career Story

Communicating your career experiences with the use of stories is an effective way to promote your professional life. Jobseekers need to tell their stories in varied ways, using many tools.

Start the career story development by identifying a clear idea, mainly why someone should want to hire you. Focus on your skills. What do you have to offer that is better or different than others?  One approach is to review the position for which you are applying.  Create your story to relate your skills and experiences to the job description.

Your online presence should include a profile of your passion and expertise.  Most important is evidence that you are able to address the needs of the available employment position.

Emphasize a “CAR” or “PAR” approach to storytelling. CAR is “challenge, action, results.” PAR is “problem, action results.”  Tell stories to explain challenges or problems and how you handled them.

For additional information on telling your career story, go to:

 Teaching Suggestions

  • Have students research various approaches for communicating a person’s career skills and experiences.
  • Have students create a short video that communicates their career skills and experiences.

 Discussion Questions 

  1. What themes or story settings might be used to communicate your career skills?
  2. Explain how social media might be used to communicate your career story.
  3. What are some skills and experiences you would emphasize in your career story?

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