Mulligans aren’t just for golf.

How can you improve student engagement and participation?  Are there methods to reduce test anxiety?  The attached article uses a novel approach to address both of these issues through the use of gamification.  The game portion provides an avenue for students to earn small tokens for excellent work by mastering concepts, expanding classroom discussion, or demonstrating improvement in certain skills.  The costs are small: little stickers (which could even be made on a printer).  Here’s a link for free stickers:  The benefits are great: lively classrooms filled with more knowledgeable students.

For more information go to:

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the difference between gamification and game-based learning?
  2. Why are “flow” and “fiero” important elements of the classroom environment?
  3. What ways will you use this idea in your classroom?

Teaching Suggestions

  • Use this article as a starting point to access how you can improve student participation and reduce test anxiety for your students.
  • Conduct online research to obtain additional information to see how other professors are motivating their students.

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