The “Blended” Classroom.

Today, many students expect a more interactive learning experience involving technology. While not all students are best served by online classes, the use of blended (or hybrid) teaching can take advantage of both the face-to-face learning setting and technology-enhanced instruction.

In a blended class, part of the content delivery and instruction is through online delivery with students having some choice over time, place, path and pace. When planning and implementing a blended teaching approach, some suggested preliminary guidelines include:

  • Have a large vision but start small. Use selected elements of technology such as an online discussion board, student blog entries, or existing web-based videos.
  • Adapt your technology use based on your growing experiences. Ask students for their suggestions to enhance the interactive learning environment.
  • Use technology to enhance your existing learning goals. Make efficient use of online materials and other resources to improve what you already do.
  • Connect virtual instructional resources and experiences to the face-to-face learning environment. Keep students accountable for their online activities with application exercises and in-class assessment.
  • Move students from being consumers of information to producers of information with assignments that require comprehensive research reports, case study analyses, visual summaries (such as infographics), and student-created video productions.
  • Take advantage of resources not available to previous generations, such as online lectures of experts in the field and virtual tours.

For additional information on a blended teaching and flipped classrooms go to:

Discussion Questions

  1. What are potential benefits of using a blended teaching approach?
  2. What concerns might be associated with a blended teaching approach?
  3. What actions might you consider taking to move toward blended teaching.

Teaching Suggestions

  • Talk with students about their experiences with blended classrooms and the use of technology to enhance the learning process.
  • Conduct online research to obtain additional information on the experiences of people who make use of a blended learning environment.

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